Breaking Bad Now We’re Cooking

Breaking Bad Now Were Cooking RV T-Shirt
Breaking Bad Now We're Cooking T-Shirt

Go like 30 miles down the highway, then you take a little dirt road. Once you see a sign, it’s like what, 15 miles or something. Way out in the desert, park next to a couple cactuses with scenic mountain background, and now we’re cookin’. This isn’t a food truck. It’s a mobile meth lab. We’ll find the customers after we cook up some of the purest sconte known to man. Here put the keys somewhere we won’t lose them so we can get started.

I guess I should have said, “not in the ignition.” Now the battery’s dead. Oh well, just call Skinny and give him directions. He shouldn’t have any problems finding us. Wait, what river? That’s ok. We have like a whole lab here. We can just turn the RV into a robot or a dune buggy or something.