Bronies Brohoof

Bronies Brohoof Ramones T-Shirt Tee
Bronies Brohoof Ramones T-Shirt Tee

My Little Pony Bronies Brohoof T-Shirt *OOS*

If you’ve stumbled in here a little confused, I know how you feel. Check out this article from Wired to get up to speed on the ‘Brony’ phenomenon. Apparently, the storylines in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are so good that it’s converted young and old males into fanboys and they create a dizzying amount of memes and fan art. I guess you can’t argue with a good plot, even if it was originally aimed at kindergarten girls.

If you’re going to watch My Little Pony, you may as well look cool doing it. This t-shirt shows two bronies giving the brohoof in the center of a Ramones-style design. The words, ‘Friendship Is Magic,’ are written around the outside of the circle. Also available in women’s sizes.


Dude, that Friendship Blast was totally wicked! Brohoof!