Cat In The Hat Cool Story Bro!

Cat In The Hat Cool Story Bro! T-Shirt
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The Cat In The Hat Cool Story Bro T-Shirt

Did you have any fun? Tell me. What did you do?

When she asked me I thought about the day. All that sitting and sitting and rain! How we couldn’t go play. Oh, what a pain! Then this cat shows up. A Cat in a Hat with his silly little tricks. The fish didn’t like it. Not one little bit. The cake and the books and the hopping about. Oh, and the Things. Things One and Two. Shakin’ their hands. What could we do? They’re flyin’ kites in the house. The fish is just yelling, “Not in the house!” This game is too fun, but oh, what a mess. Go get the gun. That’d just add to the stress. How about the net? This cat is just crazy. Angry fish for a pet. That made ’em stop, but the house is all clutter. Up to the top, we filled up with worry. Hearts start to flutter. So we turned to the cat. He just picked it all up. How about that? Clever little puss. And then he was gone with the tip of his hat. What the Dr. Seuss!?!

So should we tell her the things that went on there that day? I’d get about halfway through the story and “Oh boy, here we go,” she would say, “That’s a Cool Story, Bro…”