Chuck Norris Only Eats Unicorns

Chuck Norris Meat Rare Only Eats Unicorns T-Shirt
Chuck Norris Only Eats Unicorns T-Shirt

You know, I thought we were going to let the Chuck Norris jokes just fizzle out. Then, I come across this one that for whatever reason I haven’t heard and it just about makes me shoot milk out of my nipples… and, I’m a dude. Way to go, Walker, Texas Ranger, my lactation aid and dining partner at the unicorn buffet.

This funny t-shirt at 80sTees shows the toughest man on the planet with a beautiful landscape behind him. There’s a unicorn grazing on a hill back there and I’d imagine Chuck is going to chase him down, eat him, and use his horn as a toothpick. Maybe a leprechaun for dessert.

Chuck Norris Likes His Meat So Rare, He Only Eats Unicorns.