Clown Puking A Rainbow

The Morning After Rainbow Puke Clown T-Shirt Tee
The Morning After Rainbow Puke Clown T-Shirt TeeBuy

Party Clown Puking A Rainbow T-Shirt *OOS*

This job is really starting to take its toll, man. Parties, parties, parties… make another balloon animal, birthday cake, juggle for a bit, maybe the unicycle, take a couple shots from my flask, more birthday cake. Oh, and the kids and the screaming. Please, make it stop. I thought this was going to be the best job ever, but now I spend most of my spare time hunched over the toilet throwing up sparkles and rainbows.

“The Morning After” design by Paul Southworth shows a clown expelling some colorful weekend fun right into the toilet. The hard-partying lifestyle is not without some major disadvantages. This awesome tee just got a reprint at Threadless and is available in men’s sizes.