Conscious Discovery

Robot Plant Conscious Discovery T-Shirt
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Conscious Discovery Robot T-Shirt

Look at all this crap we’ve built and bought and consumed until our bellies and our eyes and wallets swelled and bulged until the waste was almost too much to manage. It’s been built into a hulking monster that swallows souls and eats life.

One of these days we’re going to wake up after another saccharin dream, or microwaved meal, or television commercial telling us to buy something artificial and unnecessary. It’s then that we’ll realize that we are destroying the very essence of life.

The “Conscious Discovery” t-shirt design by Anticlothes shows a robot built of all the things we’ve made to improve “life:” cars, TV’s, appliances, clocks, etc. Sometimes you have to take a knee and say, “Enough of this fake crap.” Life is beautiful. Go watch a sunset, plant a tree, or pet a puppy. A real one… don’t just share a picture of a LOLCat.