Why So Curious, George?

Why So Curious George T-Shirt
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Why So Curious George Joker T-Shirt

Wanna know how I got these scars? The Man in the Yellow Hat captured me in Africa. He thought it would be cool to show me off to his friends in the city. What he didn’t think about was that I was a monkey and played and got in trouble. One night he’s been drinking and goes off crazier than usual. I get out the kitchen knife to defend myself. He doesn’t like this. Not one bit. He takes the knife away from me and asks, “Why so curious, George?” I tell him that I like to get into adventures. “It makes me smile,” I say. He comes at me with the knife. “Well, let’s put a smile on that face so you never have to be curious again.”

“Why So Curious?” design by Andy Hunt shows Curious George as The Joker with that big, disturbing grin on his face. Tees available at Threadless.