Dangerous To Go Alone, Frodo

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It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This, Frodo. Lord of the Rings T-Shirt

Oh, thank you, Gandalf. If I run into any trouble I’ll just slip this ring on my finger and turn invisible. Then, not only will I turn into a deranged, little, hobbity, junkie freak, but the Eye of Sauron will lock in on me like a laser beam and dead kings will descend upon me like flies on a fruit pie. Great idea. I have a better one though. How about you give me the sword and armor instead. Even better than that: since you have the wizard powers, you take the ring. I have a nice pipe waiting for me at home in the Shire. Have fun.

The “8-Bits To Rule Them All” design by Wheels shows the classic scene from The Legend of Zelda where Link gets his wood. Only, it’s not Link and some old man, it’s Frodo and Gandalf, and this story’s about to get rollin’.