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I was an early adopter of the Sparks Energy Drink, a pioneering concoction of caffeine and alcohol that made the heart do backflips. Our relationship was simply amazing. Trips to the park, movies, shopping, and even blogging together. Sure, we had our ups and downs (both physically and mentally) but doesn’t everyone? Everything was magic until one fateful day in 2008 when MillerCoors succumbed to pressures and made a fateful change to my beloved beverage. After that, the ‘spark’ just wasn’t there anymore.

I thought that I would never find true love again. There was a hole in my heart and stomach that just couldn’t be filled. Horse tranquilizers in my coffee didn’t work like I thought it would… I even went to extreme measures and soaked ginseng root in mixtures of rum and cocaine (called it Caribbean Coco-Gin). I never could find that right balance though. That is, until…


One day at my local gas station, I saw it: Four Loko. An energy drink that promised to not only fill shoes, but to walk me across the moon as well. The ‘Four’ makes reference to the extra ingredients: caffeine, taurine, guarana, and wormwood. The hefty alcohol content at a stunning 12% and the mystical quality of the wormwood left me asking the question, “Sparks who?” And now, all is well in the world thanks to my new buddy tall can.

You can pick up Four Loko can t-shirts at TeesForAll in three awesome flavors: Grape, Lemon-Lime, and Raspberry.