Fuck Like Thunder

Fuck Like Thunder Lightning Bolt T-Shirt
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Fuck Like Thunder Lightning Bolt T-Shirt *OOS*

Arrive like a flash of lightning. Make it rain. Gone with the wind. No wait, you should stay and cuddle a bit because these phenomena occur pretty quickly. Anyway, some powerful words of wisdom to live by. In fact, you should do everything with a side of thunder rumbles and sound wicked cool in the process.

The “Fuck Like Thunder” design at BustedTees shows a lightning bolt erupting from a menacing sky with the phrase typed boldly on top.

On a side note, I was checking to see if there was a pop reference that I was missing with this tee (not that it needs one) and stumbled across this awesome retro print of the same name for sale by Velvet Jetpack. Check it out below.


Velvet Jetpack Retro FLT Print


Note to self: Eye patch