House Targaryen Sigil

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House Targaryen Dragon Sigil T-Shirt

Things were looking pretty grim for old House Targaryen. Dragons all gone, booted from their homeland, and really, not too many left and the last male was nothing short of a twat. A horsemen alliance and some serious family hardships later and you’re ready to count them out for good. Then, Daenerys goes full psycho and wanders into a fire and comes out with some hatched dragons. Okay, that’s awesome. Some Red Waste and a Qarth backstab circus and it’s like, why can’t this ragtag bunch catch a break? We soon learn, no one touches Momma’s dragons; not even creepy old warlocks.

Anyway, Daenerys really knows how to end seasons on an upnote. I wouldn’t count this House out and I’m glad because they have the baddest sigil around with a red three-headed dragon and a motto that reads, “Fire & Blood.” Stay tuned for some raining hellfire from above.