Ghost and Darkness

The Ghost and the Darkness T-Shirt
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The Ghost And The Darkness Lion T-Shirt

“The Ghost” and “The Darkness” were the names given to the Tsavo Maneaters. If you’re not familiar with the story, in 1898 these man-eating lions made prey out of a British campsite of Indian workers that were trying to build a bridge over the Tsavo River in Kenya. The numbers are a bit fuzzy, but it’s possible these lions killed up to 135 people before finally being hunted down. Pretty legendary stuff.

The “Ghost and Darkness” design by Diogo Hornburg shows a lion’s face that seems to fade into the black. While the Tsavo Maneaters were maneless, it still gives me the feeling that there’s a monster lurking in the shadows, ready to turn me into dinner. Completely awesome. This tee just got a reprint at Threadless and is available in both men’s and women’s sizes.



The guy that hunted and killed the lions wrote a book, The Man-eaters of Tsavo, and there’s a movie from 1996, The Ghost and The Darkness starring Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas.