Ghostbusters Movie Logo

Ghostbusters Logo T-Shirt Tee
Ghostbusters Logo T-Shirt Tee

Ghostbusters Movie Logo T-Shirt *OOS*

This Ghostbusters tee features the classic movie logo that was shown on movie posters and also hung over the door of their headquarters in New York. It essentially says, “No Ghosts” and keeps a nice, friendly vibe going. Just perfect.

Who ya gonna call? Well, you, of course. Just don this tee and become a member of the Ghostbusters army dedicated to the eradication of spirits that do vile things like haunt and slime the living. You may need to brush up on your parapsychology if you’re going to keep up with Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler though.

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!