Gingerbread Man Rampage

Ginger Bread Man Godzilla Rampage T-Shirt
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Giant Gingerbread Man Cookie Rampage T-Shirt

Oh I see… somebody thought it would cute to make a huge gingerbread man for the holidays that takes like the whole oven to cook. They probably did it so they could post it on Facebook and everyone would think they were so funny and send it to all their friends. Well, you overlooked one small detail. On Christmas night, all the baked goods that haven’t been eaten can walk the earth with the living like little cookie zombies. This is usually pretty harmless until your dumbass makes a pastry that can feed a small city-state and no one will touch because it’s more of a novelty at this point. At least you have your social media memories.

The funny Giant Gingerbread Man t-shirt at CrazyDog shows a cookie on a Christmas snow rampage. He’s kicking over snowmen and candy canes and chasing down little elves. He probably just wants to play or something, but he looks like freakin’ Godzilla out there.