Hand of the King

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Game of Thrones Hand of the King T-Shirt

You know the old saying, “What the King dreams, the Hand builds.” Well, kings have a tendency to dream big. Ned-less to say, it’s not an easy job at all. All the responsibility, none of the glory, and the crap still lands right on your head when things turn south. Adding insult to injury, the peasants think it’s funny to make up cute names for you like “Demon Monkey.” Man, if I had a choice between that job and the Night’s Watch, I’d grab a pair of direwolf fur long johns, hitch a ride to the North Wall, and pee off the end of the world.

This Game of Thrones tee at the HBO Store shows the classic golden brooch of the Hand of the King printed on the chest. Pick one of these up if you like a challenge, but you might want to consider a career path with lower levels of stress and a longer lifespan.