Henry VIII 99 Problems

Henry 8th VIII 99 Problems Bitches T-Shirt
King Henry VIII 99 Problems T-Shirt

Bein’ King ain’t easy and it just goes to show,
This royalty thing is more than just rollin’ in dough.
I got the Pope down my back and the rest of Rome,
Wars goin’ on both abroad and at home.
Need a new palace but my piggy is strapped,
And I’m eatin’ so much my fatty king belt just snapped.

Of all these problems, they ain’t even the worst.
I got problems in my chamber I gotta deal with first.
See, if you havin’ girl problems I feel bad that’s no fun.
However, I, Your Lord and Master, King Henry the 8th,
Just want to father a son.

I got 99 royal problems, of which, bitches doth comprise at least 6.
Hit me.