Lo-C Ecto Cooler

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Lo-C Ecto Cooler Slimer T-Shirt *OOS*

Hi-C, what happened to Ectoplasmic Cooler? A perfect blend of marketing, colors, Slimer, and crazy flavors. I guess that after the movie shine wore off the drink’s name was changed to Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen and then again to Crazy Citrus Cooler and is now, sadly, defunct. If you poke around the nets you can find a few home-brewed recipes, but it’s just not the same. We need to get Bill Murray on board for Ghostbusters 3, if only for the possibility of an ecto juice-urrection.

The “Lo-C” tee design by Local Celebrity pays tribute to, quite possibly, the greatest drink box to ever bless the shelves. R.I.P., you green, sugary blast of flavor and nostalgia.



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