Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Hole Green Door T-Shirt Tee
Hobbit Hole Green Door T-Shirt

Man, would I love to have a vacation home like this. Cozy, secluded, and all-natural. Of course, I’m going to have to have one custom-made for my height. I could have just picked one up in The Shire when I first read The Hobbit in junior high, but of course I had to sprout up like a foot and a half shattering those dreams. Maybe, I could put together a clever video and start an IndieGoGo campaign to build my dream in the side of a rolling hill. Hmmm.. let me ponder this and I’ll leave you with a link to an incredible Hobbit Hole doll house.

“The Green Door” design by patrickspens shows the entrance to a nice, safe place in Bag End. A great place to return to after a long adventure. Tees available at Shirt.Woot.