Kermit the Frog X-Ray

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Kermit the Frog X-Ray T-Shirt

Well, Kermit. You seem to be doing just fine. There is one small thing I wanted to bring to your attention though. Err.. how do I say this? It looks like something got lodged right up your ass and all the way into your brain and nasal cavities. Strange, I know. At first I thought the technicians were having a bit of fun with me, but no. The miraculous part is that it seems to be holding you up and if we tried to remove it, chances are that you would be rendered completely inanimate. Anyway, if it gives you any problems let me know and we can get you some pain meds.

The “Puppet Check Up” design by polynothing shows the results of Kermit’s head scan. The x-ray of this Muppet’s face reveals a human hand.