Lady Gaga Math Equation

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Math Equation T-ShirtBuy

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Math Equation T-Shirt

Lately I’ve been having this awful problem of not being able to remember the chorus of Bad Romance. Drives me crazy. Then I find out that there’s a simple algebraic formula to help me out: (RAH)²(AH)³+[ROMA(1+MA)]+(GA)²+(OOH)(LA)². It’s so easy now. Mathematics, baby. Still solving life’s greatest problems.

This Lady Gaga t-shirt at DonkeyTees shows the chorus noises for the song, Bad Romance, expressed with algebra. Math is back on the pop culture scene to help you make sweet music.



  • Oooh Lalala

    Cédric Villani, who came up with an equally elaborate formula (except the math world gave him a Fields Medal for that), like to think himself as the Lady Gaga of Maths ( The romance goes on… apparently.