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Obey Consume Conform Sleep T-Shirt

As it turns out, we’re being controlled by aliens who mask themselves as humans. Our visual space is filled with subliminal messages that direct our actions so that we can be easily herded like sheep. If you were to find a special pair of sunglasses that blocks the radio waves that distort our vision, a typical beer advertisement would look something like this.

The Obey Consume t-shirt at TShirtBordello features a classic poster design inspired by the movie, They Live. I especially like that the alien is enjoying a nice cold beer. It’s like it’s telling me, “Relax, don’t fight it. We know what’s best for you.”

Just so you know, the aliens don’t control us anymore. You can thank Rowdy Roddy Piper for that. Now you just need to watch out for other humans and large corporations run by humans. They all want your mindspace. Don’t think about it too much though. Just go watch some TV and relax.


They Live Obey Print Shepard Fairey