Opulence I Has It

Opulence Mini Giraffe T-Shirt Tee DirecTV
Opulence Mini Giraffe T-Shirt Tee DirecTVBuy

Opulence I Has It Mini Giraffe T-Shirt

How do you show the world without a doubt that you are epic win and brimming with opulence? Sure, piles of gold, large mansions, and beautiful women are nice but to really cement your status you need one thing: a petite lap giraffe. Not just a baby giraffe but one bred specially to stay miniature and sit on your lap to remind you how awesome you are.

The “Opulence, I Has It” tee design features a mini giraffe, like the one on the Direct TV commercial, walking on a treadmill. Available in a variety of colors. This is the definition of Epic Win.



Opulence Baby Giraffe T-Shirt