Pikachu Wall Mount

Pokemon Pikachu Wall Mount Caught Em All T-Shirt
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Pokemon Pikachu Wall Mount T-Shirt *OOS*

They said, “you gotta catch ’em all,” and I did. Every last one. Now my den’s going to look super cool filled with trophies from my little anime safari bloodbath. Honestly, I thought hunting these guys was going to be a walk in the park, but that little Pikachu fellow jumped out of the bushes firing hot lightning like he was the almighty Zeus. Anyway, I think he’s going to be the centerpiece.

The “Caught ‘Em All!” t-shirt at BustedTees shows a stuffed pokemon head hanging on the wall. What should I hunt next; Muppets, Smurfs, the cast of Glee? We’ll see, the TV is my oyster.

I’m not sure what the taxidermist was thinking with the X’s over the eyes. Like we don’t already know that he’s dead. How much for the crazy googly-eye upgrade, stuffing man?