Regular & Decaf Coffee

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Regular & Decaf Coffee Pot T-Shirts

Oh, what a magical little bean. Some say that it was beer that built modern civilization, but I believe that coffee built it faster. Without that extra pep in our step, we’d probably still be plowing fields with donkeys and kicking tin cans in our spare time. We owe a lot to this sweet, sweet elixir, without which, I and many others would probably be on the couch right now.

The “Regular” and “Decaf” designs at Headline Shirts celebrate the best drink on the planet with a couple of simple, elegant, and iconic pots distinctly labeled for our convenience. It’s time to choose your side. I’ll be going with the caffeinated, thank you, and I also enjoy my beer alcoholic, but I would probably still rock out that decaf shirt as some sort of ironic hipster statement to confuse passers-by and I could chuckle smugly to myself whilst waxing my mustache.

Anyway, click the picture below if you enjoy your coffee minus the superpowers and the one above if you want to get some shit done.


Decaf Coffee Pot T-Shirt Tee