Knight vs. T-Rex ASCII Battle

Robot Knight vs. T-Rex ASCII Battle T-ShirtBuy

Robot Knight-T-Rex Laser ASCII Battle T-Shirt *OOS*

An epic battle rages on your keyboard. A war between upper-case and lower-case, backslash and forwardslash. Hexadecimals fly in a fury and it rages on until, finally, it’s over. The smoke clears. The resulting letters, numbers, and characters have formed themselves into the greatest geek monument ever to grace a computer screen.

The “AW3SOM3 F1GHT!!1!” design by Aled Lewis shows a robot knight with sword raised grappling with a Tyrannosaurus Rex shooting laser beams from its helmet. The best part: this piece of art is all made with ASCII characters.

This tee just got a reprint at Threadless and is available in men’s sizes.