The Sad and Lonely Life of a Psycho Killer

Sad Horror Movie Killer Dragging Chainsaw T-Shirt
Sad Lonely Chainsaw Killer Psycho T-Shirt

You’ve all seen the movies. Some deranged fellow chasing down unsuspecting victims with grisly farm implements and such. Sometimes, with seemingly no reason except to see intoxicating fear well up in the eyes and blood running the wrong way. A psycho feeling the rush and thrill of the hunt, but what happens next? It can be a long time before the sequel as these cowboys of horror sit alone next to the campfire and tell depressingly cliche stories to themselves.

“Sad Psycho” by juicefoozle shows a little cartoon murderer splattered with blood and sadly dragging his chainsaw behind him. An old classic over at Threadless that never fails to make me smile.