Scuba Diver Shark Punch

Shark Punch T-Shirt
Scuba Diver Punching a Shark in the Face T-Shirt

Scuba Diver Shark Punch T-Shirt

The Shark is the ocean’s bully and keeps control of its neighborhood by fear. If you find yourself exploring deep in the seven seas, the Shark may try to make an example out of you. In this situation, *Important* Do Not Try To Outswim the Shark. It’s time to suppress your fear, square up, and deliver a Mike Tyson uppercut right to its stupid face. The ocean is yours now. Well done.

This funny t-shirt design by SharpShirter features a scuba diver in old school gear punching a shark in the face. Yeah!

The Shark is a metaphor for life. Get out your scuba helmet and sock it right in the mouth.