Shark And Kitty Pineapple Express

Shark Kitty Pineapple Express Shirt
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Shark & Kitten Pineapple Express T-Shirt

Every time I watch the movie Pineapple Express, I wonder, where did Saul (James Franco) get that magnificent t-shirt? The shirt features a great white shark with a kitten in its mouth. At first glance it seems like the shark has found himself an adorable little snack, but I like to think that there’s more to the story than that.

Kitty got so excited playing in the ocean one day that he swam out too far and the waves became more than he could handle. Luckily, Shark was nearby and heard the desperate cries for help. Just in time, Shark carefully swoops up the baby cat in his mouth and carries him to safety.

NerdyShirts has recreated this awesome tee and now you can rock out like James Franco.

Man, I wish all pot dealers were as cool as Saul.

James Franco Shark Kitty T-Shirt