Street Art Bunny Mural

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Street Art Bunny Mural Only Memories T-Shirt

The rabbit looked out across the sprawling urban landscape and wondered, “How did I get here?” A good question as it looked nothing like what he would call “home.” Yet, there he was; stuck amid miles and miles of constructed walls, controlled filth, and the many ordinances in place to stifle nature, beauty, and ultimately, his own happiness.

“There is another place,” the rabbit thought aloud. “A place where they haven’t thought up awful things like ‘curfew’ and ‘pants’.” He knew that it existed, somewhere. It had to, because it existed in his own mind. If it didn’t he would have to create it for all to see and enjoy. Beyond these walls there had to be something better.

The “Only Memories” design by patrickspens shows a little bunny using a paintbrush to channel his pain into beauty. The design could be loosely based on Watership Down or it might resemble your own bleak existence. Either way, there are some giant rays of hope buried somewhere among all that sadness.