Chewbacca Gum Stick

Chewbacca Gum Stick Chewy T-Shirt

This is kinda like the time that Jesus appeared on my toast, but way better. This is no common miracle, however, but instead looks handcrafted with love by someone with equal parts artistic talent, vision, and way too much freakin’ time.. and it turned out lovely. For that I will not only not chew it, but wear it proudly on my chest as a testament to the world’s unified love of Star Wars and wookiee-kind.

“Chewy” by Sara Martin features a stick of bubblegum decorated and dressed as the coolest wookiee in the galaxy.

Chewbacca Headbanger

Chewbacca Headbanger T-Shirt TeeBuy

Star Wars Chewbacca Headbanger T-Shirt

When you’re blessed with such a glorious mane, there’s only one thing you’ve got to do. Rock! This wookiee knows how it’s done. You have to isolate the top for maximum thrash effect. That means a heavy dose of Aqua-Net on the sides, headband as top-hair tourniquet, and a Stormtrooper earring to let ’em know you’ve seen some action.

This funny Star Wars tee at PopFanatics shows Chewbacca ready for a heavy dose of hair metal. If you see him at the show, I suggest you bang your head. Otherwise, he might just do it for you.



Chewbacca Hair Cut

Chewbacca Hair Cut T-Shirt Tee Star WarsBuy

Chewbacca Han Solo Hair Cut T-Shirt

Life on the Millennium Falcon isn’t always glamorous. They’re running a skeleton crew and that means that the shiphold chores have to be split up between Han & Chewie. This includes everything from changing a light bulb, loading the dishwasher, and even taking a little off the top(and bottom) of the wookiee’s mane.

The funny Star Wars shirt at Pop Fanatics shows Han Solo stylin’ up his co-pilot in the barber’s chair. I hope you’re comfortable, buddy, we might be here awhile. Design printed on 50% cotton/50% poly Junk Food tee so I’m sure it’s of the highest quality and soft as an ewok.



Sloth Wars

Sloth Wars Wookiee Chewbacca T-Shirt TeeBuy

Star Wars Sloth Chewbacca Wookiee T-Shirt

It’s hard to even imagine how many lives Chewbacca has touched. What a role model. He’s even inspired this sloth to skip a precious nap and get dressed up as his favorite Wookiee. Looks pretty damn good too.

The “Sloth Wars” design by Oktomanuba shows shows one of Chewbacca’s biggest fans dressed up in a cosplay salute. Completely adorable and incredibly well executed. This tee is available in both men’s and women’s sizes at Threadless, but act quick, it looks like this one is flying off the shelves.



Che Bacca

CheBacca Che Chewbacca T-ShirtBuy

Star Wars CheBacca Guevara T-Shirt

That’s one of the problems with becoming immortal. Now that Chewbacca is just an extremely hairy, iconic symbol for rebellion, revolution, and Imperial overthrow, you may as well just find a picture of him in a funny hat and print up some shirts. The restless youth will eat it up.

This Star Wars t-shirt at Donkey Tees features hairy ol’ Chewbacca in a beret a la Che Guevara. The new revolutionary symbol.

Viva la Chewie!