Spaceship Timeline

Spaceship Timeline Sci-Fi T-Shirt Tardis Millennium Falcon

From TARDIS to TARDIS; Millennium Falcon to Starship Enterprise, this chronologic display looks like a sandwich flipped inside out. All the meat seems to be on the outside and the crummy bread-like bits in the middle. No offense to Battlestar or real life, but it’s all relative, especially when dealing with time and space.

“Space Ship Timeline” shows a brief history of notable spacecraft, both science fiction and fact, starting at year infinity and ending the same. The chart looks pretty small, but I promise, it’s bigger on the inside.

Dalek Procrastinate

Doctor Who Dalek Procrastinate T-Shirt

Exterminate? There’s plenty of time for that. Right now there’s a WKRP in Cincinnati marathon going down that I would like to be a part of. This robot works better under pressure anyway.

“Procrastinate” shows a Dalek putting off the business for awhile. I thought they had a singular focus, but it seems these cyborgs like to push the boundaries of time and relative dimension as well.

TARDIS Illusion

Doctor Who TARDIS Optical Illusion T-Shirt TeeBuy

Doctor Who TARDIS Police Box Illusion T-Shirt

There’s a real art to taking an ordinary police call box and making it all twisty-wisty and wibbly-wobbly to the point where time and space gets so distorted that it collapses in on itself. If you’ve mastered this technique, there’s probably a job waiting for you as M.C. Escher’s travel agent.

“Relative Dimensions” design by Adam Koford shows the TARDIS from Doctor Who using a complex optical trick. Well, “trick” doesn’t really do it justice. We should say “illusion.”

I wonder what would happen if you wore this tee inside-out.


Doctor Who TARDIS

Doctor Who Tardis T-Shirt $6Buy

Doctor Who TARDIS Police Box T-Shirt – $6

Simple and elegant. Seemingly just a big blue phone booth from the outside, but I hear that it’s surprisingly spacious on the inside and it will take you wherever/whenever you want/need to go. You might know it better as the TARDIS.

“Who’s Your Doctor?” features the big blue police box from the Doctor Who series. Your Doctor’s favorite means of conveyance through space and time. Let people know how you get around…
in style.