Space Monkey

Smoking Space Monkey Cold War Vet T-Shirt Tee

Look at the face of a true hero. An unnamed soldier that does battle in the far reaches of space in the name of science and his country. The life of service, the extensive training, and ultimately, a mission that will probably be a one-way ticket. The sacrifices that these chimps made were inconceivable. You’d probably smoke too.

The “Cold War Vet” design shows the bravest monkey I’ve ever seen equipped with an astronaut helmet, cigarette, and a singular mission.

*If you want to know more about the history behind chimpanzees in the space program, you can get a nice overview at

You Are A Chimp

You Are 98% A Chimp Monkey T-Shirt TeeBuy

You Are Almost A Chimpanzee T-Shirt

Ok, it’s true. Genetically speaking, we have around 98% in common with the chimpanzee. We’ve done a little bit with that extra 2%; like indoor plumbing, railroads, and that little sleeve that crisps my Hot Pocket in the microwave. So not too much, but it’s only been like 6 million years since we split from a common ancestor. Check back in another few.

“98% You” shows a picture of you. 98% of you. Might I add that you look ridiculous in that button-up shirt, tie, and glasses. Relax a bit, kick back and put on a t-shirt.


On a completely unrelated note, here’s a video of me joyriding around on a segway last weekend: