The Legend of Zelda Greek Pottery

Legend of Zelda Greek Myth Pottery T-Shirt

Unearthed deep below the ruins of Hyrule Castle, this piece of pottery sheds new light on the struggles faced in the ancient gaming world. An important piece of history, beautifully crafted, and rare beyond compare; yet, I can’t seem to shake this overwhelming urge to smash it.

“Modern Myths” by Steven Lefcourt presents The Legend of Zelda as Grecian art with Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda presented in a Triforce design.

Legend of Zelda Killer Chicken

Legend of Zelda Killer Chicken T-Shirt

Life on the road can be difficult, but the cuccos do not exist as an outlet for your frustration. If you decide to pay it backward to a poor defenseless creature, you are no better than those you are pursuing. Your debt will be recorded… and paid in blood.

“Finger Lickin’ Deathwish” by Winter Artwork shows a particularly mean-looking chicken standing on top of Link’s skull at his Triforce grave site. Let this be a warning to adventurers everywhere. Do what you came to do and leave the livestock alone.

Hyrule Life Insurance Co.

Hyrule Life Insurance Legend of Zelda T-Shirt

Have you taken the proper precautions to ensure that your loved ones are protected after you’re gone? Hyrule can be a dangerous place. When your hearts go to empty, and someday they will, let us be the magic potion that restores your family. Just a couple of green rupees a day can buy you peace of mind so that you can focus on more important things, like defeating Ganon and finding your true love.

“Hyrule Life Insurance Co.” Think about it, Link. It could be the best decision you ever make.