Dark Side of Oz

Dark Side of the Moon Wizard of Oz T-Shirt

What a trip, man. Munchkins, Yellow Brick Road, flying monkey, and it was just a guy behind the curtain the whole time. I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna stay in tonight. Let this all soak in before I return to Oz. I’ve got the perfect album, too.

“Dark Side of Oz Listening Party” by Robbie Lee shows the Wizard of Oz crew: Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy relaxing to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl. They don’t need a TV to know that it syncs up perfectly.

Recycled Tin Man

Wizard of Oz Recycled Tin Man T-Shirt TeeBuy

Wizard of Oz Recycled Tin Man T-Shirt

Feeling worthless and empty inside, the Tin Woodsman thought himself up a clever plan of procuring a heart through the ‘Hearts for Parts’ recycling program. Unfortunately, he failed to plan far enough ahead to think about where he would store his new heart once received. Even more unfortunate, no one told him that he had quite a strong heart all along. On the bright side, that is quite a bit of aluminum for the storing of soft drinks. Cheers to the afterlife.

Another amazing design by alexmdc. The “Recycled Tin” t-shirt shows our heartless friend from The Wizard of Oz lumped sadly in the recycling bin.

Available at Threadless in men’s and women’s sizes.



Wizard of Oz 99 Problems

Wizard of Oz 99 Problems Witch Ain't One T-Shirt

Yellow brick roadin’ with my newfound crew.
Skippin’ along, ruby red on my shoe.
Critics say we lackin’ the courage, brains, heart.
Come at us, bro. We all do our part.
Witch try’na trick us, make our path tough.
Ain’t playin’, she can Flying Monkey right off.
Places to be; off to see a wizard.
Road isn’t easy, not even skird.
Flyin’ home soon, I just need this broomstick…

I had 99 problems and a witch was two.
Landed a house on one’s head; turned the other to goo. Hit me.

So after all that, just a guy with a curtain.
Being played for a fool, I know this for certain.
At least dude’s from Kansas, seems pretty cool.
Fire up the balloon, we’ll hot-air carpool.
Oh shit, Toto’s crazy, jump’s right out the bin.
There goes my ride, stuck back in Oz again.

So, it turns out the “nice” witch had the power all along.
Screws up my week and then sings a song.
I’m so ready to bounce, but you know what I’d do,
Need to get home, I’d say this third witch is lucky.

I had 99 problems and a witch was two.
Landed a house on one’s head and turned the other to goo.

Hit me.