There Will Be Bacon

There Will Be Blood Bacon T-Shirt
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There Will Be Blood Bacon T-Shirt *OOS*

To be completely honest here, I’m not really a huge fan of bacon. Sure, it makes for a great accent piece; like on a burger, a salad, or maybe as women’s earrings, but for breakfast I really prefer the sausage patty. That being said, I usually glance right over shirts involving bacon. This one is different though. A movie tee with a bacon twist, cool typography in the classic There Will Be Blood font, and the shirt has a strange retro feel from the color stripes on the meat and fatty marbling. Very cool.

Please don’t think me un-American because I lack enthusiasm for bacon. I assure you that I am as American as Dutch Apple Pie and please, please no jokes about my fondness for sausage.