Tumblr Action Logo

Tumblr Action Logo T-Shirt Tee
Tumblr Action Logo T-Shirt Tee

Tumblr Actions Logo T-Shirt – *OOS*

I just discovered the internet wonder that is Tumblr a couple weeks ago and LOVE it! It’s addictive to the max with quick and dirty, visually stimulating, rapid-fire posts that flow like cheap wine into the forgotten recesses of the brain. It can get a little crazy though, so I suggest you get a helmet… and a t-shirt.

The Tumblr: Faux Logo t-shirt at BustedTees features the actions on a Tumblr post: Follow, Reblog, Dashboard, Like, and Unfollow spelled out to look like ‘Tumblr.’ Be sure to check out some other Tumblr tees while you’re over there.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow The Cotton Abyss on Tumblr for any updates and other nonsense that didn’t make it to TShirtVortex.