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The Walking Dead Vote Rick Grimes T-Shirt Tee
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The Walking Dead Vote Rick Grimes T-Shirt – $6

You know the other night when I said, “This is not a democracy anymore?” Yeah, I know I came off like a bit of a crazy, but, as you know, it had been a bit of a tough day. It was the heat of the moment and I know it’s no excuse. What I meant to say was that you really don’t have any other options. You could vote for the big guy, but I can’t really recall his name right now and you probably can’t either. Oh sure, there’s Daryl… if you want to be out in the woods hunting possum until this whole zombie apocalypse thing blows over. Good luck. Anyway, sorry and don’t forget to vote for me, Sheriff Rick Grimes, in your next de facto one-party election.

The “Vote Grimes” design shows The Walking Dead two-party ticket turned into one with Shane crossed out in red and the ominous words, “This Is Not A Democracy Anymore,” underneath. Welcome to the new democracy and by that I mean a loose-knit zombie bait dictatorship. Tees available at 6DollarShirts for just $6.

By the way, you are all infected. Have a nice day.