You Are A Chimp

You Are 98% A Chimp Monkey T-Shirt Tee
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You Are Almost A Chimpanzee T-Shirt

Ok, it’s true. Genetically speaking, we have around 98% in common with the chimpanzee. We’ve done a little bit with that extra 2%; like indoor plumbing, railroads, and that little sleeve that crisps my Hot Pocket in the microwave. So not too much, but it’s only been like 6 million years since we split from a common ancestor. Check back in another few.

“98% You” shows a picture of you. 98% of you. Might I add that you look ridiculous in that button-up shirt, tie, and glasses. Relax a bit, kick back and put on a t-shirt.


On a completely unrelated note, here’s a video of me joyriding around on a segway last weekend: